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Body Language at the Service of Security

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Body language is one of the most effective tools in the hands of security personnel and in spite of it as of yet, it remains one of the least utilized.

It is estimated that 90% of human communication is nonverbal communication.  In every situation the human body releases in an unconscious and involuntary way a broad spectrum of signals that provide to those who are capable of grasping and interpreting them, accurate information of the frame of mind and intentions of the person.

This conference is an introduction with practical examples of nonverbal comunication, its origins, classification and interpretation. It provides the keys and basic tools to grasp while conducting an interrogation, the contradictions between the words and the body language.

Conference within the multidisciplinary Seminar for public security managers and directors of private security that takes place once a year in Israel.

Duration: 1.57 h

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Body Language at the Service of Security