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Since 1987 PSOS have focused on the essence of the human factor with its ability to analyse, make decisions, execute them, evaluate the results and make conclusions that, in our experience, make for a superior security approach.

PSOS Online is based on more than two decades of experience of PSOS Professional School and Services of Security providing Security Training and Security Consulting for entities in both the public and private sectors.

What is PSOS Online?

PSOS Online is the new interactive platform of PSOS for security professionals in the public and private sectors. The aim of PSOS Online is to become a leading security training center online just as PSOS is in its face to face security courses in Israel and abroad.

The different resources of the portal allow the exposition and discussion of the various concepts of security, threats and conflicts, sharing international experiences and opinions.

The portal appeals to English and Spanish speaking professionals around the word and includes security articles written by professionals in the field and interviews with PSOS experts. The contributors come from different disciplines of security (homeland security and public security) and are based in Israel and worldwide.

What are the contents of PSOS Online?

Online Security Training Center 
Being aware that is not always easy for security professionals to access the latest training, PSOS Online offers security training and security courses in its Online Security Training Center. Lectures, modules with certificate and courses with diploma can be easily accessed from your office or home, saving time and cost of travel.

Interviews, articles and analysis of events
PSOS Online brings together public and private security professionals and offers interviews, articles and case studies related to the various areas of the homeland security and private security, with special attention to Physical Security and the Security Management.

Regional Security Reports
Monthly Regional Security Report presenting information on major security and geopolitical events and developments within the different countries on the region and assessing the level of risk assigned to the country in a four level scale for the greater comfort of the reader.

Security Companies Directory
A comprehensive and user friendly directory of Security Companies and products.  The perfect guide for security professionals searching for companies and products available at the international security market and a customer focused tool for security companies wishing to address their targeted audience.

Security Technologies News
Technology featuring relevant and updated news on new and innovative technologies in security.

Security forum
A meeting point where members of the portal may exchange knowledge and discuss security issues on a professional level.