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Major General V.B. (India): Very, very educative!  Went into the micro aspects which actually determine the outcome of an event.

Major General MKV.P. (India): A very useful course for the security professionals. The course was focused on sharpening the intellectual levels of students. Excellent.

Brigadier S.M. (India): I am more educated now after attending this course than what I was before.

G.K.  (Kenya): Personally, it has equipped me with the relevant skills and knowledge to better my command.

P.O. (Kenya): This is a course which every head of security should

R.M. (Kenya): A very educative course and relevant in all fields. Have learnt a lot on security, organizational delinquency, body language and lots more

A.J. (Uruguay): In general was very good and the teachers show experience on the field.

M.F. (Paraguay): Excellent. The opportunity to be part of this course is unique.

A.G.  (Philippines): I feel privileged to have participated in a highly engaging and dynamic course.

 A.Z.S. (Uruguay): Excellent. The speakers are excellent and the presentations give a frame of reference, methodology applicable. Excellent topics.

 A.R.U. (Venezuela): The general view of the course is excellent. All the speakers had an excellent level. The presentations were very good and interesting.

J.E.M. (Spain): The profile of professors, the presentations and content of the lectures are excellent. This is the third course I participate with your organization and each edition is excellent. It meets extensively my expectations prior to the course.

 X.M.M. (Ecuador): Excellent. The speakers demonstrated mastery of topics, access and openness to students. It is the most efficient and professional course I have ever attended. It was a pleasure and an honor to share with professionals both from PSOS as well as with the students.

 A.V.N. (Mexico): The speakers are first class, experience, professionalism, quality, experience in the field, etc. This course is first class, and being involved in it makes you a person with a first class training. Excellent.

 M.Q.H. (Mexico): My assessment of the course is excellent in all respects. Very good selection of topics, and speakers of excellent level and experience.

L.M.M. (Mexico): Excellent course. It taught us how to have different views on security and the proper ways to take measures. The presentations were of great interest, current issues, topics that we experience in our jobs. The speakers have extensive knowledge of the subjects and the ease of transmitting knowledge.

 L.M.D. (Spain): Both the presentations and the speakers were excellent. On a scale from 1 to 10 a 9, nearly honors.

 A.P.O. (Panama): In one word, excellent. All lectures were very professional and they reached the objective of each participant. As for the speakers, you can clearly see the degree of knowledge and experience of each one of them.

 M.J. E. (Argentina): Both the presentations and the speakers were very good. I wish the course would have lasted 15 days.

B.S.M. (Brazil): The presentations and speakers are very good. They proved to be experts in their fields.

A.S.G. (Colombia): Excellent. The course allows for an overview of the different situations and how to confront them. The speakers showed their professionalism and depth in each of the topics.

 L.E.O. (Colombia): My opinion is that the course is very important. You learn a lot. The main issues are of outmost importance; they improve the management of security and assure success. Qualified speakers with experience who present the themes with professionalism.

 M.G.A. (Peru): Excellent, I feel very satisfied. The speakers have excellent knowledge of the themes, experience and course preparation. Very good lectures, aimed at the purpose of the course.

Security Chief (Italy): Very high teachers’ level. The course responded exactly to my expectations. The instructors created a special state of mind and offered work instruments .

Security Chief Oil Industry (Colombia): The professional level of all the instructors was excellent. All of them had vast knowledge in their subject, thereby the personal level that I acquired in the course was very high .

National Police (Spain):The best I ever saw in my long way through special operations units and different police forces. 100% recommended.

Security Chief, Commercial Centre (USA): I would like to express my appreciation for the special training I got in Israel. The experience and skills that you demonstrated in teaching us were effective and useful.

Chief Security, Security Company (Denmark): After 24 years of experience in security, I was surprised to find out how much I could learn from your knowledge and experience. The course was effective and applicable to my needs. Special thanks to N. and S. that made the study and practice alive and real.

Security Director, Hotel Chain (Brazil): I acknowledge that in this course I have learned a lot in the security area. Very useful knowledge. I expect in the short future to take new courses, preferably in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in order to also instruct my subordinates. I am sure this kind of course will be very beneficial to them.

Security Chief, HighTech Company (Argentina): General evaluation of the professional level: excellent. I acquired better techniques and improved my team work abilities.