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is a leading manufacturer of Special Purpose vehicles and systems with more than 30 years of experience.
Throughout this period B.A.T designed, built and supplied a host of unique vehicles and systems for the Israeli Armed Forces, Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police and to Police Forces of more than 30 countries around the world.

Riot Control Vehicles - More than 15 different models of the most advanced and effective Riot Control     Vehicles have been designed, manufactured and delivered by B.A.T.
Water Restraint SystemB.A.T's non- lethal water restraining system is a high pressure water stream     system, designed specifically for control of dangerous inmate situations in correctional facilities (prisons).

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Riot Control Vehicles for Stadiums - Riot documentation, control and evidencing for football and other stadiums, as well as for large 
public gathering events.
Fire Fighting and Rescue vehiclesB.A.T offers a complete line of fire fighting and rescue vehicles, from the basic municipal water tender, to a complete     line of airport rapid intervention vehicles, light & heavy rescue vehicles and more…
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Vehicles - Designed to customer's needs, our line includes a full range of bomb disposal vehicles and equipment,     for military and/or police applications, and for other civil security forces.
Armored VehiclesB.A.T possesses the proven technology; capability and experience to armor any type of vehicle to any threat level, and to cost     effectively meet all customers' requirements.
Cash Delivery Vehicles - The B.A.T Cash-In-Transit armored vehicles constructed to the latest security standards, and can be mounted on a variety of     basic chassis' with a variety of security features. 
Vehicle Modification & Special Projects - As part of our line of products, we offer Special Vehicle Modification projects that require in house capabilities     such as design, engineering and development, i.e Command Vehicles, Mobile Clinics, Rescue Containers etc
Ranger Eye - Identification, Homing and Response system provides round the clock detection, observation, monitoring, fire protection and security for civil,     industrial and Homeland security applications.