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.forces to control large areas with minim autonomous unmanned aerial, ground and maritime vehicles, enabling small ,become security risks. Operational systems are also enhanced by aerostats are screening people, vehicles and cargo, ensuring that open borders do not monitoring and analysis systems. At the border check-points advanced systems part of infrastructure protection solutions, these technologies also integrate a wide range of access controls, tampering sensors, biometrics and video increasing probability of detection while minimizing false alarms. Utilized as video motion detection, radar, seismic, magnetic and electro-optical sensors preventing human trafficking and smuggling. These obstacles are enhanced by ,underground sensors and obstacles are used worldwide in border security ‘protection. Israel’s sophisticated electronic fencing, covert ‘virtual fences Israeli companies are positioned at the forefront of border and perimeter Infrastructure & Border SecurityCBRN Security & Emergency Management • Intelligence, Counter-Terror & Law Enforcement •Cyber Security •Securing the Smart City •Transportation Security •Infrastructure & Border Security •Homeland Security Key the national level, government agencies and municipal levels and cyber security complete Israel’s range of HLS offerings, Addressing all needs enforcement. Communications surveillance and security, information processing ballistic armor protection, riot control solutions and non-lethal measures for law ,more comprehensive explosive ordnance disposal measures, unmanned systems potential terror attacks, jamming of wireless remote controllers of IEDs, as part of systems are also offered for the inspection of vehicles and cargo, countering among the primary fields of expertise of Israeli security exporters. Specialized Border protection and surveillance, virtual and physical perimeter protection are .and cyber security ,detection, forensics, intelligence, telecommunication and network security, biometrics developed to support the nation’s unique security requirements include explosive of security while ensuring quality of life for ordinary citizens. Key technologies domestically developed, matured and tested capabilities, maintaining high level addressing a broad spectrum of threats. Today, Israel’s security relies mostly on ,The technologies essential to Israel’s security have evolved over three generations.are shared with Israel’s allies and partners throughout the world gained through years of cooperation with government agencies. Such capabilities ,operational experience in countering terror and management of emergencies by Israeli companies are often customized and balanced to meet specific customer requirements. These solutions also rely on extensive qualification of human resources. The solutions provided proven methodologies and comprehensive training and founded on innovative, cutting edge technologies, operationally As a world-leading HLS technology provider, Israel’s security is HLS - The Israeli Advantage

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